Healing sessions

Do you have Cancer – Be a Client in healing exploration sessions.
My journey has taken me to an intuitive knowing of Essence and the Human body, and at this stage, after many interesting spontaneous healing, I am looking for an opportunity to explore further and practice this essentiel healing, with quantifiable results. This is why I reach out.

I seek clients diagnosed with cancer who are interested in participating in a goal oriented healing exploration process.
Requirements of participation:
Cancer diagnosis from a doctor as to your physical symptoms.
You have an interest and hope in a healing exploration process.
You are willing to have one consultation with me before the program begins.

The goal is to ascertain and liberate the essential frequency that will lead to healing of your specific Cancer ailment.

Your benefit:
A chance to get well through essential healing. Insights and knowledge about yourself and your relationship to your physical embodiment in this environment.

Kr. 400,- per meeting.
The healing sessions will take place on Thursdays in Frederiksberg.

Call Brenda Ejderskov on Mobile +45-2077 8612, if you are interested in such a process.

Read more in Danish on Brenda’s webpage www.truecontact.dk

Qualifications: Brenda is a Diamond Logos teacher and a psychotherapist. Since 2004 she has explored Essence and its innate capacity for restoring the body leading to healing of physical illness. Personally she has discovered the importance of releasing i.e. the red essence in relation to healing arthritis, the black essence in relation to cancer, the milk essence in relation to eczema and rash.